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Overwhelming flavours at one of the most beautiful square of Budapest. The spot’s basement is welcoming several types of concerts, events or birthday parties.

Did you know that Zappa is the one and only pleasure ground in Budapest even more in Hungary which has a preserved wall painting? - it’s a kind of 3D perspective street view… I’m not joking it has a 5 kg documentation!!! Oh, yes and this spot used to be the cultic “Tilos az Á” at the beginning of the 90’s – if it means you anything at all.

Zappa Caffe was established in September 2003 without any kind of ad or promotion. The owners main goal was to maintain its quality and to create a friendly, cool place to raise attention and satisfaction. The “old-fashioned” idea got results.

Zappa’s reputation gets round and even if it’s not a kind of trendy place but very popular and predictable.

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